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Marble Floor Polishing Tips

Have marble floors? Great for you. They are one of the most beautiful, yet practical floor surfaces you could have. You probably spent a good deal of money to get them, though, so I’m guessing you want to keep them looking their best for years and years. Follow these tips and you will …

Marble is very delicate and it does require maintenance to look its best. Here are some basic care tips for cleaning marble.

Marble is a very soft stone and it is much softer than granite. It is also highly porous, so it is very easily etched by acids. (vinegar, tomato juice, orange juice, etc) It’s also prone to develop water stains or spots, such as marks left by drinking glasses, or water spots after mopping.

Clean your marble stone surface with a soft cloth or mop using pH neutral cleaning solution. Always wipe off any spills immediately as they happen. Never, ever clean this floor with vinegar, as you will destroy the finish. For stains, always seek professional help. Marble specific cleaning products are available for removing stains.