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New homeowners in Boca Raton, FL had a limestone floor that they weren’t happy with for several reasons. There were missing tiles where repair work had been done. The grout joints were chipped in some places where the first tile contractor they hired (not us) had reset the tiles. Some of the grout joints were so widely spaced that dirt and grime could just fall right in the gap. In addition, some tiles were not level with adjacent tiles, which detracted from the overall appearance of the floor and posed a possible trip and fall hazard. The installation contractor tried to grind down the tiles using improper methods, causing scratches and further damage. The floor was an unsightly mess, as you can see in the BEFORE images. You can see for yourself the challenges set before us the moment we walked in the door.


First, we replaced missing tiles and used epoxy filler to close in the gaps in the widely spaced grout joint. Then we used our floor machine fitted with aggressive diamond encrusted pads to grind the tiles down until they were level. In the stone and tile industry, this process is known as lippage removal. We used tinted epoxy to fill in the area where the stone had been chipped as well as the  gaps in the grout joints. Our highly trained technicians have the knowledge and skills to perform chip repair with such precision that only our customers know there had ever been damage.

The homeowners were pleasantly surprised to learn that we could change the finish of their floors to any finish they wanted. They were not thrilled with the antique finish of the original floor and asked us to give the floor a high honed finish instead. We achieved the look they wanted, and they were very pleased with the outcome.

For more information about limestone restoration, please visit our Limestone Services page.

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